Player Development: The definition of services for player development is growing a player from youth/minor league/development league to the professional leagues as quickly and efficiently as possible.  In the sphere of player development, the nuisances associated with this activity are several-fold;

  • First identifying factors preventing the player from achieving professional league/college/high school/ youth caliber playing performance.
  • Isolating the problem to pinpoint appropriate strategies/actions that will lead to professional league/college/high school/youth level performance.
  • Effectively monitoring, and or changing those actions that are not producing the desired results.

TBN (TopBallerz Network) staff will structure their activities so the actions mirror the execution and operation of a professional league/college/high school/youth team and involve the athlete in pursuits that provide required results.    Lastly, TBN programs are quite different from the rest of the training programs offered by competitors; our programs includes intangible items such as mental toughness and competitiveness that cannot be measured by using traditional methods, but must be improved in order for an aspiring professional league/college/high school/ youth athlete to develop their on-field performance to get to the next level. Some of these intangibles are explored by introducing clients via classroom session, which is required in most professional league/college/high school/ youth sports. The challenging program training at TBN not only helps a client to acquire superior athletic/movement skills, but it also helps reduce injuries. If an athlete is looking to move from just being on the team to the starting line-up or from walk-on to scholarship, TBN training will take the athlete as far as he desires to go.

> Nutrition: We teach why nutrition plays a crucial role to maintain a peak level of performance both athletically and in the office.  Mental focus, energy and recovery are extremely important for productivity. We show people how to get the correct nutrition needed to perform at the highest level. >> GET NUTRITION PROGRAM

> Strength and Performance Conditioning:  We evaluate, develop, and design a personal plan for our players.  Our state of the art evaluation system is designed to give us a complete understating of the athletes conditioning and peak performance.  Once the player is tested, the plan is created, and results happen. >> GET TRAINING

> Mindset and Personal development: We teach others to take action.  Productivity on and off the field is our focus. Many people today struggle with time management, goal setting, and prioritizing. Our program focuses on you and where you want to go. >> LEADERSHIP TRAINING

> Camps: We will teach each athlete the fundamentals of the game as well as position specific drills.

> Education: We as an organization feel that personal development is a very vital piece of the puzzle and all ages need support. TBN will partner with the local Schools to support tutoring and mentor programs for youth and young adults. The vehicle of sports can be very useful and everyone enjoys the game.

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