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Hairston Brothers Purchase Professional Basketball Team
Whether it was creating their start-up athlete scouting corporation to leading their Minor Leaguel football team to the Championship last year, the Hairston brothers are no strangers to success.  Equipped with a strong athletic background and an unyielding desire to win/succeed, both Aaron and Trevor have continued to excel and impress, even in the eyes of their biggest critics, day in and day out.  Couple that desire and background with an unparalleled need to remain hungry and you have the next big idea by the Hairston brothers:  The Connecticut Topballerz, Connecticut’s very own professional basketball team. 

Tired of hearing about other states receiving the credit for having the best “ballers” in the nation, Aaron and Trevor sought out a means to “put Connecticut on the map!”  They realized that there was a ton of talent within the Connecticut areas but no nearby outlets for said players to exhibit their talents and passions.  In knowing this, Aaron and Trevor decided to venture out on yet another business/athletic endeavor by purchasing an expansion franchise basketball team from the ABA (American Basketball Association).  Oh, if you’re wondering where you heard that name before, its more than likely you remember such Hall of Fame greats as Dr. Julius Erving, Connie Hawkins, George Gervin, Moses Malone and the list goes on and on, that came from the ABA! 

In addition to wanting to put Connecticut on the proverbial map, the Hairston brothers coveted the idea of providing an opportunity for fellow athletes to not only better themselves athletically, but also showcase their skills to the world.  They understand that due to a number of reasons/circumstances, a lot of ball players may have missed out on their opportunity earlier in their careers, and Aaron and Trevor would like to be the ones that re-open those doors of opportunity. 

The Connecticut Topballerz will be Connecticut’s very own Professional Basketball team that will represent the state in the ABA with pride, integrity, hard work, success and passion for the game; something that seems to be missing in the NBA by the majority of the owners and players (i.e. – LOCKOUT).  The Hairston brothers are dedicated to providing a fun and exciting venue for families, basketball diehards, and those in search for entertainment while also looking to getting back to the roots of what basketball is and how it should be played with – passion, love and teamwork! 

“We are excited to offer the incredible state of Connecticut an affordable, fan-friendly entertainment that will be enjoyable for all ages. We ARE Connecticut’s team and look forward to welcoming you, your family, friends and loves ones to the Topballerz family!”  (said both Aaron and Trevor Hairston)

Connecticut Topballerz  - “Winning is a habit, SUCCESS is a CHOICE!” 

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