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Roster>Gabriel Taylor
HT:6'2 POS: Guard WT:186
College: N/A
Pro Experience: 2
2012 Highlighted Stats
Pts Rbs FG% FT% Blks

Gabriel Taylor
Born :Jan 30, 1992 in Hartford,CT
High School: Bloomfield High School
Pos: Guard
Height: 6'2

Gabriel is a talent young player that still has room for improvement. Coachable player and student of the game is very good with details. A strong driver to the lane loves to get physical.He uses his strenght, quickness and footwork to get baskets and open looks for others. Strong defender and hussles for lose balls and rebounds. His will to win by any means makes him apreaciated by team mates, he never takes a play off. His dedication and ambition to succeed doesnt allow him to rest, he spends every moment posible
in a gym working on his game.


High school, Summer leagues: Yr Stats
Puerto Rico C.I.A.P.R 2006 18
pts 8 rebs 4 ast

Son of thunder (Hartford,CT) 2006-2010 10 pts
4.5 rebs 1.7 ast 0.5 stls

Semi Pro: Team League Yr Stats
C.I.A.P.R ACB (Puerto Rico) 2011 14 pts
3.5 rebs
Amelia Sub-21 (Puerto Rico) 2012 6 pts 3.5
rebs 1.5 blks 2.5 ast 1 stl
4 games


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