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January 9, 2012


Spotlight Player of the Week


The Connecticut Topballerz cruised into the week sporting a 5 and 2 record, riding a three game winning streak. Their confidence and focus were at an all-time high as they began to prepare for a weekend battle against the much-improved NYC Thunder team.

Each practice throughout the week was run with a purpose; whether it was to work on the team’s help-side defense, boxing out or their secondary break, the coaching staff and players were not only dedicated to improving on their strengths but more importantly, their weaknesses. “We are looking to become the most well-rounded team in the league. Every team has their own strengths, but conversely, they also have their share of areas that need improvement. If we can eliminate as many of said areas as possible, our team would be that much more dominant” stated Head Coach Jim Cornish.

Unfortunately, throughout the week of practices, back-up point guard Japhet McNeil hurt his foot and it became evident that he wouldn’t be playing in the upcoming game. Someone was going to have to step and fill the void at the guard position. As the week continued, the 6-foot point guard from Virginia, Jeff Johnson, proved ready and willing to step up to the plate.

Jeff, affectionately known as “Swag” to his teammates, is a high-paced, passionate guard that is not only the team’s hardest worker ON the floor, but also off. Jeff is always the first to volunteer when it comes to promotional events, the first to help in any facet of the organization, and the first to do anything and everything the coaching staff asks of him. Jeff is the epitome of a true ball-player in that all he wants to do is be on the court. His life and love exists in-between the lines of that 94x50 court and when he has a ball in his hands, Jeff is his happiest.

Not only is Jeff a hard-worker and a pleasure to work with, but his tenacity on the court, his ability to create havoc for opposing guards and his ability to get his teammates open make him extremely valuable to any team lucky enough to have him on it. Those are just a few reasons we are so excited to not only name Jeff Johnson our spotlight player of the week, but afford him his first opportunity as a professional ball-player this weekend against the Thunder!

Not only was Jeff named the spotlight player of the week, Jeff was also named Most Improved Player of the first half of the season for the Topballerz and has recently become engaged to the love of his life!

Congratulations Jeff!


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