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December 30, 2011

With an impressive 4 and 2 start to the season, the Topballerz returned to practice after a few days off for the Christmas break. Practice began with a warm-up, some stretching and a few light drills to get the blood flowing. As any true basketball fan would expect, the team looked a bit sluggish and “rusty” from the layoff. With over 15 years of coaching experience and many more years of additional basketball wisdom, Head Coach Jim Cornish knew that he had to step in immediately or it would wind up being a wasted practice.

Coach Cornish blew his whistle and huddled up the team. He brought everyone in close and began to remind them that they had a game in less than 3 days and it was against the very team that beat them one month ago. That, true professionals NEVER took a day off and never took a minute of practice for granted. He looked each player in the eye and told them that he wanted and fully expected a win this Friday and more importantly, a championship! His passion and sincerity echoed throughout the gym and with each word he spoke, the passion and fire began to grow within each player. Their eyes gleamed and focused in on Coach, hanging on each word, ready to be released back onto the court like a wild animal that had been caged and then freed back into the wild. He finished his speech by asking each player “how much they wanted ‘it’?” Each player barked back with enthusiasm and passion, some stating that they wanted ‘it’ more than they wanted to eat….more than they wanted anything else in the world. ‘It’ was no longer just a championship; it was a way of life, a goal that needed to be attained, and the driving force of their everyday activities! ‘It’ was no longer a trophy…’it’ was the sense of entitlement and accomplishment that all of them NEEDED!

As the players were ‘released’ back onto the court, the intensity reached an unprecedented level. They went through each drill flawlessly whilst pushing one another to get better. “With the talent that we have from players 1 through 12, every practice is somewhat a tryout in that each player is competing for more minutes and a starting spot. However, with our team, these guys are going out there, busting their butts, pushing one another and truly trying to better one another despite the competition aspect. I’m amazed at their selflessness and sense of “team” mindset” stated Assistant Coach Maurice Williamson.

As with every practice week, one player stood out above all. This week’s spotlight player of the week was Lance Feurtado, a former graduate of Grambling State University. Lance is the type of ball-player that shows up to every practice, works hard, helps his teammates, is constantly trying to improve and does each thing with a smile on his face. “Lance is very unassuming in that he goes through each practice with a smile on his face, yet, give him an inch and he will murder you. Before you know it, Lance will have dropped 2 deep threes on you, hit an and-one, all the while staying quiet and again, smiling! He is a leader in his own way…with so many ways to lead; Lance does so with his actions rather than his words” stated Head Coach Jim Cornish. Assistant Coach John Scavuzzo added that “Lance Feurtado is a hell of a ball-player and though he is young, his hard work and coach-ability has thrust him into the starter’s role on more than one occasion. Couple that with the fact that he is now putting in work in the weight room for the first time in his career, Lance has the opportunity to not only be a leader on the team, but a nightmare to any team/defender!”

The Topballerz look to avenge their first loss of the season Friday, December 30th as they travel to the home gym of the New Jersey Express. The winner of this game will not only have the edge on the season against one another, but more importantly will sit alone at the top of their respected division. Then, they return home to play again January 7th against the always-dangerous Connecticut All-Stars team. So, come out and support Connecticut’s very own professional basketball team at Albertus Magnus College, January 7th 2012 and as always, the game will begin at 7:30.

Connecticut Topballerz – “Winning is a Habit, Success is a Choice!”

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