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News> Connecticut Legend Bobby Moore Signs with Topballerz

Walk into any gym or onto any court and mention his name; then wait for the bevy of adjectives and accolades to follow… “amazing,” “best ball-player Connecticut has ever produced,” “unstoppable,” and “humble” are just to name a few. If you are from the Connecticut area and have followed basketball for the past ten years or so, you more than likely already know who I am referring to: Bobby Moore. Last Friday, the Connecticut Topballerz signed the basketball legend to a one-year contract, adding the highly-decorated guard to an already star-laden roster.

Bobby Moore was THE standout player to come from Hillhouse High, once drawing comparisons to such NBA greats as Isiah Thomas, Tim Hardaway and Kevin Johnson. Coming out of high school, Bobby was ranked in the top 3 point guards in the NATION (Baron Davis was number 1). There wasn’t a thing Bobby couldn’t do. Blessed with amazing athleticism, a fearless demeanor and the work-ethic of a champion, Bobby excelled in every phase of the game. He handled the ball as if it were on a string, his jump-shot had unlimited range and his basketball IQ was through the roof. What other ball players struggled with came naturally to Bobby and it showed as he often dominated every facet of the game in high school. The scary thing is that Bobby can STILL do that, and at a much higher level of competition.

Though he is in his early 30’s, Bobby still plays ball every day. Whether he is dropping 27 points and 15 assists against NBA-bound Kemba Walker or playing pickup at Edgewood Park, Bobby is still fueled by his passion to compete and succeed.

“The great thing about Bobby is that, upon approaching him at the park one day, I commented on his game against Kemba’s team. Rather than boasting about the 27 pts. he had scored on an NBA-player, Bobby noted that he had 15 assists. Further illustrating the type of man he has become. Most players would walk around with their chests puffed out and their heads held high because of the 27 points they had. Instead, Bobby was excited about how he HELPED others to score those points! He is not only a special ball-player, but a special man. A man that the Topballerz are excited to have and build their franchise around” (stated Assistant Head Coach J.J. Scavuzzo)!

Bobby Moore has indeed grown, both as a ball-player and more importantly, as a man. No longer does he carry the burden of the entire city on his shoulders and no longer does he listen to the handful of haters that deem him as being “unsuccessful!” Instead, with the pride and integrity of a man that has overcome numerous obstacles and been through more than most men his age, he states that he is happy where he is now, that God has a plan for him. With a patented Bobby Moore smile, he states, “I am blessed with two beautiful children, an amazing girlfriend and the opportunity to still play ball and make a living doing so….i think I am doing just fine!”

Often sporting a Phillies fitted-cap and a pair of Jordan’s, Bobby needs no introduction. Everywhere he goes Bobby is known and respected by his teammates, opponents and community. His infectious smile and polite demeanor make him one of, if not, THE most loved ball-player in the state of Connecticut. His “handles” and assortment of skills that are oftentimes emulated by kids on the playground will be showcased and on display this year for all to see when he and the Connecticut Topballerz begin their season on November 12th, 2011. Come out and support YOUR professional basketball team and Connecticut’s very own basketball legend, Bobby Moore!

----John Scavuzzo

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