By investing in your exercise and resting metabolic assessments, you’ll gain insight into your personal metabolism. At your fingertips, you’ll have detailed information about your caloric needs and about how your body burns fat. You’ll know, from a sound, scientific perspective, what your body requires to operate at its best. And while all those details can be intriguing and even impressive, what you really need is a big picture.

So what is the Big Picture for yourself, and for your body? Are you committed to losing weight, and then managing it in a healthy range? Maybe your weight’s OK, but you feel less than your physical best—a fitness-focused goal to improve your body’s vitality is what gets you fired up. Or perhaps you’ve poured your time and energy into a sport, and now is the time to pursue the next level of athletic performance.

Your big picture—whether weight management, fitness, or athletic performance—is what ultimately makes your exercise and resting metabolic assessments useful and meaningful. With the big picture in mind, you can count on The Body Lab to help you make the most of your profile results. The Body Lab provides Personal Training with the tools you need to bring your vision into clear view. We can help you refine your goals so your big picture is clearly in focus.


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